The Schlössli Utenberg

The record of the history of Schlössli Utenberg begins as early as the 14th century with its mention in the Almosnerrodeln. The present appearance was built in 1757 by master builder Jakob Singer for Franz Dominik Schumacher.

The majestic and idyllic location and the prominent and storied changes of ownership finally (1997) turned the Utenberg farm into the Schlössli Utenberg. A place of power, a building worth preserving.


The team looks forward to welcoming you to Schlössli Utenberg.

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Marius Burch

7-Plums from the Utenberg

An anecdote

In the early 19th century, the Utenberg farm belonged to Josef Xaver Leodegar Franz Salesius Schumacher Uttenberg (2 May 1793 – 30 October 1860) and Sophie Schumacher-Müller von Altdorf (30 November 1797 – 30 January 1867), who also gave themselves the surname Uttenberg (with two T’s).

Between 1816 and 1832 Sophie gave birth to 9 children, eight daughters and one son. Maria Viktoria (Klosterfrau) and Josef Dominik unfortunately died in adolescence. Of the now seven sisters, Emilie, the eldest, did not marry. The other six daughters married in accordance with their status to men from the richest, most important Lucerne families, Nager, Schwytzer von Buonas, Degen, von Moos, Pfyffer von Altishofen and Zelger. Five of the sisters had children of their own.

The seven sisters stuck together like peas and carrots. They were clever and intelligent. There are traditions that say that the sisters were known as Zwetschgen because of their appearance, but you can see from the pictures that this variant can hardly be true. There are tales that Father Joseph planted a plum tree for each daughter out of sheer joy. But there is another version that somehow sounds more logical, and it came like this: The sisters had great clout through their cleverness, intelligence and cohesion when they wanted to achieve something in Lucerne. Somewhat enviously, they were therefore called “damsons” behind closed doors. When this came to the attention of mother Sophie and father Josef, they acknowledged this “honour” by planting a plum tree in the garden for each daughter.

Plum trees are rose plants and only live for about 60 years, the trees planted around 1845 have long since been felled, but all the descendants of these plums still proudly call themselves “Zwetschgen” and have met every 10 years since 1981 at the Schlössli Utenberg and ceremoniously planted a plum tree. The celebration in 2021 was postponed to 2022 because of Corona, as the invitation goes out to over 1000 plums.

Friends Schlössli Utenberg

Although the Schlössli Utenberg is not a Schlössli at all, but an estate, this name has been established since the 1990s. We Lucerne residents are proud of this manor house from the Rococo period (1757) and feel connected to the beautiful estate that once belonged to the powerful Schumacher family, who even called themselves Schumacher-Uttenberg. Later, the American Charles Bain Hoyt was the owner. He died in 1949 and bequeathed the estate to the city of Lucerne by contract. The City of Lucerne ran the Museum of Traditional Costume in the house from 1950-1994. From 1996, the Schlössli Utenberg was a restaurant.


Would you also like to know what happens to the house and be a part of the history of Schlössli Utenberg? Do you also want to contribute to the culture of Lucerne and to this very special place?

The initiative for the association came from some plums. They are descendants of the seven sisters who were born and grew up on the Utenberg estate at the beginning of the 19th century, five of whom had children. With the association, these Zwetschgen want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to become a part of Utenberg history and to give expression and also weight to those who are interested. Above all, the association is to promote culture and research around the Schlössli Utenberg.

The purpose of the association is described thus:

We see ourselves as ambassadors and mouthpieces for the historical monument “Schlössli Utenberg” and support the cultural activities at Schlössli Utenberg.

As a member you will receive:

a) periodic information about the Schlössli Utenberg

b) One free admission to a cultural event at Schlössli Utenberg

c) Invitation to the annual Friends’ Aperitif at Schlössli Utenberg.

The annual membership fee has been set at a minimum of CHF 50 per person. You will be accepted as a member after registration and payment. Membership is open to all natural or legal persons who support the purpose of the association and are attracted to this beautiful place.

Register now and become part of Schlössli Utenberg.

Board of Directors

  • Marius Fischer (Präsident)
  • Jan D. T. Widmer (Vizepräsident)
  • Rodolphe Schobinger (Kassier)
  • Roland von Moos (Aktuar)
  • Brigit Fischer
  • Peter Egloff
  • Walter Fellmann
  • Jürg Meyer
  • Luzi Meyer
  • Loris F. Mainardi
  • Jost Schumacher
  • Louis Schumacher
  • Philippe von Segesser


Friends Schlössli Utenberg

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